Voted best Jump-and-Run Game of 2012 on jayisgames!
“So. Adorably. Cute. Paper Galaxy looks like a box of construction paper clippings spontaneously arranged itself into a little galaxy of happiness, complete with big-eyed planets, malevolent black holes, grumpy suns, and one sneezing little moon. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of this game, which is good seeing as how it’s all about proper timing. But, you know, it doesn’t hurt that it looks so gorgeous.” –

“The character designs all ooze charm and get helped along by a too-good-to-be-true orchestral soundtrack. However, underneath all of the audiovisual appeal is a challenging gameplay arc.” –

“Paper Galaxy is perfect for iPad Mini, and we all fell in love with Luna the paper moon, and wishes that it would find the mother earth soon!” ★★★★★ – iPad Mini Game

“The formula isn’t new, but the presentation is brilliant and the devs have nailed that ‘one more go’ hook that is likely to keep me playing for the foreseeable future.” –

“Well-conceived, well designed and well worth the cost of download, Paper Galaxy is a joy to play for kids of all ages from 3 to, erm, 83…” –

“Paper Galaxy is just the type of game I like to see floating around out there in the wilds of Google Play. It’s original, the graphics and characters are cute without overdoing it, and most importantly it’s a lot of fun.” –

“It may only be me that transformed into an emotional geek by playing this game but I’m sure everyone that’ll try this application would have a great time making Luna sneeze her red nose across the universe… The game play is easy to understand and it’s a perfect tool to while away your time or if you’re searching for one of those apps that will have you glued to your device for hours!” ★★★★★ –

“I save the 5 star rating for games that are near perfection in morality and design. Paper Galaxy meets that standard. Good job Liquid Entertainment.” ★★★★★ –

I mean, seriously, I could play Paper Galaxy all day… cuz I ALREADY AM!” – CGR Undertow

“If you’re looking for a simple casual game that the whole family can play, you won’t go wrong with Paper Galaxy.” ★★★★★ –

“The well-done visuals, amusing sound effects, and addictive gameplay make this one challenging for all ages.” –

“between the cute atmosphere and several slight bonuses in game play, this is certainly one of the best of its kind.” –


What happens when the moon gets lost, catches a cold, and runs into the cranky Crab Nebula? A family-friendly and fun-filled chase through a galaxy of adorable planetary oddballs ensues! As Luna, you sneeze from orbit to orbit on your way back to Mother Earth. Along the way, you’ll make new friends, collect stars, and have more than a few close encounters with hot-headed Suns and mysterious Black Holes!


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